These 15 Pixar scenes will make you cry in the way that they have been making us cry for pretty much the past 25 years.

Ego remembers memories of childhood (Ratatouille)

Ratatouille, directed by genius director Brad Bird, is not only entertaining but also contains profound lessons. Like this scene, when Anton Ego was trying a dish that he didn’t know about the chef’s identity. As soon as the food was put in the mouth, the pen dropped, the camera panned the scene when Ego was young. Little Ego may have just fallen from the car, he was in pain and very sad. Then the mother made him his favorite food, Stewed Vegetables. It was like a miracle that helped the Ego to forget that he was in pain. Whoever is far from home and caught up in the busy spin of life will probably find empathy for this scene.

Jessie’s sad story (Toy Story 2)

In Toy Story 2, we met Ms.Cowboy Jessie who is always happy and full of energy. However, when Woody told her that he would go back to Andy instead of Tokyo, we heard an emotional story from Jessie. The story of the toy that used to be so precious to a little girl, but gradually forgotten as she grew up. During the scene, the song “When She Loved Me” is embedded in bringing a sense of sadness.

When the lives of toys are in danger (Toy Story 3)

The moment when all the toys held hands and accepted they were gonna die will break hearts of anybody. And after the toy survived, the whole outlook on life of them has changed. First, they were forced to be a family and now they are a real one, willingly and happily. Buzz and Jessie’s relationship has changed too.

Andy says goodbye (Toy Story 3)

Andy finally matures and he has to go to college. This is the end as well as the beginning of new things.

“So long … partner”.

Buzz realizes that he’s just a toy (Toy Story)

Buzz Lightyear has always believed that he is a Space Police, with the great task of saving the destruction of a galaxy. Still, knowing himself was just a toy that frustrated Buzz. The beauty of Pixar is that when we were kids, we just felt sad for Buzz. But when we grow up, we can understand this scene better. It’s the feeling that what you’ve known and believed, it turned out to be a lie.

Chich disappears (Coco)

This character only appears in only one scene but it is enough to move the audience. A person doesn’t die from being killed, aged, or sickness. A person truly dies when they are forgotten…..

Remember Me (Coco)

This is the scene where we all cry. There are sadness and happiness.

“Remember me
Though I have to travel far
Remember me
Each time you hear a sad guitar
Know that I’m with you
The only way that I can be
Until you’re in my arms again
Remember me “

When Wall E loses memory (Wall E)

Can you imagine if the movie ended with Wall E losing his memory? No one has ever watched this movie would have been able to handle it.

Sully meets Boo again (Monsters Inc)

SPOILER ALERT! Those tears are happy tears so don’t worry, folks! Sully misses boo, so Mikey fixed the shredded door so that sully can see boo again.

Nemo is the only living baby fish (Finding Nemo)

This is probably one of Pixar’s most gloomy opening scenes. When the wife and the children of Marlin are dead, only one child is alive and that is Nemo. And it was for this reason that Marlin was so protected from his son.

When Arlo’s father died (The Good Dinosaur)

The Good Dinosaur, though not as appreciated as other Pixar movies, that scene moved many viewers.

Woody says goodbye (Toy Story 4)

When Woody realized he was no longer suitable to make someone’s toys, he belonged to the outside world where is freedom and he can live for himself. In this scene, we can see that Buzz is the one who truly understands Woody. In life, sometimes we have to say goodbye, no matter how painful it is.

Bing Bong (Inside Out)

“Take her got he moon for me, okay?”

Inside out is an animation for children, but it’s a reminder for adults as well. When we move on with our lives and mature – achieving our more realistic goals and aspirations in the process – we have to let go of our enthusiastic, full-of-hope, but most of the time impossible childhood dreams.

Mr. Incredible discovered the plot of Syndrome (The Incredibles)

Another classic film by Brad Bird. The Incredibles are always at the top of his best superhero movies. This is Pixar’s first cartoon when the cast is human, labeled PG (children watched under parental supervision) instead of G (for all ages) because the theme of the film is quite violent and the content is much more mature than previous Pixar movies.

With this scene, it is more shocking than scary. This is when Mr. Incredible realized that Syndrome had massacred almost all superheroes, who were also his friends.

“Married Life” (Up)

An intro has no lines, only music. This is also one of the scenes that we can understand more and more layers of its meaning when we grow up. A beautiful love story doesn’t need any explanation still can touch the bottoms of everyone.

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