Here, we will come with 6 nonsense actions that every gamer will do at least once in their lives, making sure to think more will make you feel funny.

6 nonsense actions that every gamer will do at least once

Obviously, if you are a gamer, you will know the undeniable attraction of video games. Sometimes the game is so appealing to the point that blurs the line between reality and virtual, causing players to act instinctively bizarre even knowing that doing so has no benefit at all. Here, we will come with 6 nonsense actions, but most gamers have done at least once in their lifetime, making sure to think more will make you feel funny:

Press X or O or any key on the controller while waiting for the loading screen


This is probably one of the most common things that every gamer has ever done. With the development of high graphics technology, video games today are becoming heavier and heavier and making the “loading” screen timeout period longer than ever. During the time, we often press the button on the controller in the hope that doing so will make loading faster.

Tilt body in real life to look over points in the corner


The line between realism and video games is probably blurred in shooting titles such as “Battlefield” or “Call of Duty“. They make the player experience so real that many people have tilted their heads, pressed their heads to the screen in real life to try to look through a certain angle, hoping that it will bring a better perspective.

Push the button harder during competitive or racing games


Another action is “extreme” but still often occurred by countless gamers whenever they fall into stressful situations such as preparing to defeat the opponent or speeding to the finish line. If you are a gamer whose childhood was associated with “Need for Speed” or “Street Fighter”, you probably put all your efforts to press the controller’s button-down in hopes of doing so, the car will run faster or the hitting will be stronger.

Close your eyes while playing horror games


You will think that just like a horror movie, just close your eyes in the scary part a bit and it will pass, but you are wrong because the horror game will not progress if you keep your eyes closed. In the end, you will still face what is happening in the immediate future, with clear thoughts and precise control to preserve life and move forward in the virtual world.

Try to hold your breath in real life while playing underwater games


With the game has many situations of underwater diving such as “Super Mario 64”, many players have had the role-playing action according to instinct is to control the character to jump into the water and hold their breath in real life. Why is that? No one knows but that happened and even luckily, there have been no cases of out of breath and “sleep forever” like the characters in the game.

Go around the steering wheel while turning a vehicle


Everyone has done this sometimes while driving away from the police in “Grand Theft Auto” or simply any product of any type of speed racing. The act of manipulating the controller as if holding a steering wheel always makes the player feel authentic with the hope that the car in the video games will glide according to your will, but the truth is that even if you glide to the right, but press the wrong button on the left, the car will keep hitting the left.

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