Sometimes when you playing game, you feel tired and bored about that, maybe you’re sick with the gamer life. In this article, I will show you 6 signs show that you are no longer a gamer Eat Sleep Game Repeat Wall Decal. Gamer Wall Decal ...

Disinterested with a new game

Obviously, game players are always excited when they hear that a “big” MMO has just been revealed. This is all very normal and it also often creates controversial topics, discuss on the forum about the good and the bad of new products.

However, if you feel normal when reading such news or just focus on reading for a few tens of seconds and then forget it, surely the enthusiasm for games has decreased. Usually, this symptom is common in some gamers who play through too many games. Maybe these signs show that you are no longer a gamer.

Go to level 10 ~ 20 and uninstall

For MMOs, levels 10 to 20 only mark the first step of a player and today many games also have a virtual character protection mode of this level. In general, if you do not exceed level 20, it is difficult to know right away whether a game is good or bad and just feel vague about the game.

Therefore, if you just pass level 10 and get bored, uninstall and immediately install another MMO, it shows that you no longer have the “endurance” inherent of a true gamer. Many people often argue that because the game is bad, they quit playing, but the seeds of the “end of the game” age have started to rise.

Working on duty is a burden

6 signs show that you are no longer a gamer

The first time when I was still interested in the game, the tasks assigned always created fun, as well as great excitement because we will have a specific job to do and receive certain rewards according to the difficulty level when the request is completed.

However, when it has reached a certain level, the rewards are well known, the daily tasks are repeated in a vicious cycle … it is time for gamers to look for fun. different in other games, instead of playing through the boring missions.

Of course, quests are just a part of the virtual world, besides there are still many kinds of events, boss hunting, searching for items … but once you are bored with daily tasks, it means Gamer’s fascination with the game has come to an end.

No longer feel happy when winning, sad when losing

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The victory or defeat is always the motivation for gamers to continue playing, looking for genuine items, leveling up to be stronger, to overcome others on the leaderboards or try to improve skill, look for some tips.

If you no longer feel happy when winning against other people because you are too strong, unmatched in the virtual world, then that game is no longer attractive anymore, all goals have been conquered.

On the contrary, if the losses no longer make you sad as well … The motivation has disappeared, the gamer has given up, accepting the fate of never surpassing others. All of this is a sign that you are no longer belongs to the game world.

Watching other people play games feels “tired”

They may still love the game but seeing others playing is frustrating or … tired. The symptoms may sound funny but certainly, a lot of gamers have experience through this feeling.

If you have reached this point, it is almost 100% that you have gone through the gaming period. In general, for any gamer, their love of the game is hard to lose, but loving games and playing games are two completely different categories, it is not a worry or sadness because it is the rule of life.

Always be inhibited when playing games

6 signs show that you are no longer a gamer

 When you reach the limit that every time you playing a game you feel inhibited and uncomfortable, you are really beyond the age of gaming. Maybe due to rice, money, work, too busy thinking, you can not wholeheartedly play games anymore. At this time, gaming with you is really a burden. It’s time, you should say goodbye to the gamer life. All of these signs certainly show that you are no longer a gamer anymore. if you want to find your inspiration about the game Join Our Gamologi community Here!

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