Can you guess what Android features that iOS 14 has stolen?

Apple announced a series of new products at the WWDC 2020 event that took place last week. Wherein, the company revealed some interesting features on iOS 14 including the redesigned home screen interface.

While many of these features in iOS 14 may be completely new to Apple and iPhone users, for those who already use Android, they are just copies of the features they have used on the Google operating system. Below is a list of Android features that iOS 14 has stolen, based on Cnet’s suggestion.

Translation app
7 Android features that iOS 14 has stolen

On iOS 14, Apple introduced a new Translate app designed to be used in real-time conversation. It can translate among 11 different languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, and etc. As you probably already know, the dedicated 14-year-old translation app Google has been able to translate real-time conversations in 8 different languages since March 3, 2020.

7 Android features that iOS 14 has stolen

A new feature that Apple emphasizes in the introduction of the new iOS and iPadOS is that the widget will appear on the main screen of both iPhone and iPad, allowing you to view information updated regularly. In addition, users can customize widget sizes according to their preferences.

Previously, iPhone users could only add app icons to the device’s home screen. Unlike iOS and iPadOS, the previous Windows Phone operating system and later Windows 10 Mobile provided a widget interface called ‘live title’, allowing users to update information from time to time. Along with Windows Phone, Android has also provided rich widgets since the launch of this operating system in 2008.

App Clips
7 Android features that iOS 14 has stolen

App Clips is Apple’s app preview feature to allow users to preview a “part” of the app without downloading and installing it. This becomes useful when users have the opportunity to review and decide whether it is worth paying for. App Clips is compatible with Apple Pay and Signs In with Apple.

But few people are aware that Google also introduced a similar feature and called Instant Apps in 2016. This feature gives the application a separate link so that users do not have to download the entire application when they just want to make a single transaction on the application they want to use, for example, buying a concert ticket through the ticketing app.

App Library
7 Android features that iOS 14 has stolen

One of the new highlights of iOS 14 is the addition of the App Library, a feature that allows the iPhone to automatically identify and organize apps by groups or categories listed to help collapse the list of applications on the screen. This feature is completely similar to the App Draw interface on Android, including folder/group management features, but Apple’s App Library seems smarter than App Draw on Android. Even though App Draw is still quite good, it’s inconvenient because it does not always know how to arrange applications according to user discretion.

Cycling directions
7 Android features that iOS 14 has stolen

The Apple Maps map application on iOS and the new WatchOS will add a more “environmentally friendly” feature. It is a separate Cycling (Bicycling) navigation option to help users choose the optimal route for cycling, including calculations related to the slope or traffic density or the stairs. While Google Maps doesn’t have an in-depth computational factor-like avoiding the terraced paths, Google Maps has had its own option for cycling routes since 2010 with both elevation and slope calculations for users.

7 Android features that iOS 14 has stolen

Apple has officially added Picture-in-Picture feature to iOS 14, allowing users to watch videos while using other apps. Meanwhile, the video being played will shrink and can be “anchored” in any position on the screen. It can also be hidden while continuing to play the audio of the video content being watched. Similar functionality is available on Android through the paid YouTube app or YouTube Advanced, which is customized by the Android user community, allowing videos to be played in the background and viewed in a thumbnail view when using other applications.

Wind Down mode
7 Android features that iOS 14 has stolen

Wind Down, a new feature introduced by Apple will help users make sleep more comfortable. The feature works on both iPhone and Apple Watch, allowing you to set sleep and wake-up times as needed to automatically set your device to Do Not Disturb.

There are also options to add shortcuts for meditation or listening to relaxing music. While Google doesn’t have an app specifically for this, there’s a way to set a bedtime routine through the Google Home app available on Android.

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