While the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated worldwide, staying home is the best thing to do to protect yourself and your family. But recently, an “old” gamer defied everything to go outside to catch Pokemon in quarantine time and get the bad result
77 years old gamer go outside in quarantine time to catch pokemon and get a bitter ending

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking place extremely complicated globally, especially Italy and Spain are the most affected areas in Europe. As a result, governments in these countries have announced measures to close public areas and ban crowds. Spain has enacted blockade command for 46 million people in an emergency situation which will last for 15 days against the Corona Virus.

recently, according to TeleMadrid, Madrid police while doing a mission, unexpectedly arrested a gamer for defying the ban, going out of the house to catch Pokemon GO on Sunday. What is even more surprising is that this player is … 77 years old, the subject most vulnerable to the new virus strain.

On Monday, the police in Madrid shared photos of the “special” ticket on Twitter. It is known that the “old” gamer was arrested at 13:30 on Sunday for going out, and “wandering” to catch Pokemon in the Pokemon GO game.

77 years old gamer go outside in quarantine time to catch pokemon and get a bitter ending

This is a really awkward situation even with the police executing this penalty. Madrid police also warned people, especially Pokemon GO gamers, that they should not go out at this time. On Wednesday, Spain has reported more deaths due to Covid-19.

It is known that the Spanish population is about 46 million. Spanish officials announced a two-week plan to close the nation on March 14. Everyone must reduce their trips except necessary work like going to hospitals, banks, supermarkets, and pharmacies. On Sunday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said he hoped to extend the closure of the city until April 11 which is currently awaiting parliamentary approval.

The case of the 77-year-old gamer go outside to catch pokemon in quarantine time above is a wake-up lesson for everyone, need to protect their health in these extremely dangerous epidemic days and complicated developments. At this time there are a lot of free and interesting games that free for you to play with your friends, so try to stay at home to protect your self and playing games.

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