If you are a gamer, please take advantage of this time to experience 8 free games on iOS, even though home isolation during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic can be disastrous for many people. Each game has its charm and is also a way to keep you at home.

8 free games on iOS for you during coronavirus outbreak
Mario Kart Tour

The game will take you around the world with the racing tracks in New York, Tokyo, Paris and other famous cities around the world. Besides, the classic tracks of the original Mario Kart series will be continued in the game.

Each character, race car, and roller coaster will have certain favorite tracks that give you more power. Match the right character to the right track so you can equip up to 3 items instead of just 1, or you can pair the right race car to increase the score slightly.

Download link: Here

Color Bump 3D

Not inferior to Mario Kart Tour, Color Bump 3D is also highly appreciated by players. Coming to Color Bump 3D, your task is to control a white sphere across a path full of colorful obstacles.

However, you can only let the sphere touch the white objects. Otherwise, the ball will shatter into millions of pieces. The game has no replay mode from the “game over” point. Therefore, if you lose, you have to play from the beginning.

Download link: Here


The main goal of the player is to get to the end of the slide as quickly as possible by all means. Contrary to normal water slide rules, the game encourages people to jump off the track to find a shortcut and take out all opponents on the slide.

Gameplay sounds simple but conquering Aquapark.io is not as easy as you think.

Download link: Here

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Call Of Duty is a series of games in the genre of the first-person shooter, viewing angles through characters in the game. The series began on the personal computer version and later expanded to consoles and mobiles.

Much of the series’ content focuses on the topic of world wars and other battles with supreme missions to preserve world peace.

Download link: Here

BitLife – # 1 Life Simulator

Not many people think that BitLife – # 1 Life Simulator is one of the excellent iOS games for who is quarantined? But try it and you will see how attractive it is.

Download link: Here


The gameplay is quite simple, similar to Word Connect, but to play Wordcapes – Word Puzzle well, players need extremely broad knowledge. You have to practice hard English vocabulary to have a large vocabulary so that when the letters appear, you can immediately recognize and fill in the crossword.

Basically, the letters will give out more than 1 English vocabulary. Players just need to change the position or remove letters to form a new English word. Each stage will include many vocabularies formed and your task is to find all those vocabulary words to complete the tasks as fast as possible.

Download link: Here


Battle Royale is a shooting and survival game mode. A special feature of this game is that it will allow participating in a life and death arena (identical to the mechanism of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds).

Not only that, Epic Game lives up to its name as they allow gamers to experience their product for free without having to pay any fee.

Download link: Here

Roller Splat!

With a simple control mechanism, in this free game, players must lead the paintballs to move along the path in the maze to cover them with perfect paint.

Each level takes you to a different type of tunnel and you have to find a way to lead the paintball into every corner of the maze in the fastest way.

Download link: Here

Above are 8 free games on iOS that are high-rated and fascinated by the unique gameplays, designed to suit many types of audiences and can help you relax after days of self-isolation because of the COVID-19.

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