Meet the oldest gamer and streamer from Japan she used to play Call of Duty and Dauntless at the age of 90 years old

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Born in February 18,1930 Hamako Mori reign as the oldest gamer and streamer in the world at the age of 90 she still manage to play such modern games. Like Call of Duty, Dauntless and of course Grand Theft Auto 5.

The oldest video on her channel is from 2014 and shows her having a blast riding a dragon in Skyrim.

Though her posting was infrequent at first, in recent years Hamako has taken to uploading a video every month or so, with more frequent uploads occurring within the last year. Then, on May 13 of this year, she posted a special video titled “I have some big news!”

As she details in the video, the Guinness World Records establishment has stringent conditions that applicants must qualify for to be recognized as a record holder. Thanks to her army of passionate fans, no doubt accrued through her pleasant mild manner and the variety of games that she plays, Hamako has triumphed to hold the title as the world’s oldest video game YouTuber.

Her Guinness interview reveals she wishes more of her peers would get into gaming like she has.

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She’s been playing games since 1981, longer than many of the current gaming generation has been alive, but she still plays and enjoys modern titles, particularly Grand Theft Auto 5, which she praised by name in the video. Its graphics and cinematic atmosphere made a big impression on her, and she said she has so much fun playing it that it’s sometimes difficult to stop.

Hamako is great proof that you’re never too old to have fun with a video game, so track down something fun and get playing!

Source: SoraNews24

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