A new “Worms” game is coming!!! Team 17, the developer behind the classic Worms games, announces a new entry in the series through a video posted to Twitter.

A New Worms Game is Releasing This Year
A new Worms Game will be out soon

It’s a great time to be a fan of the classic turn-based strategy series Worms. Earlier this month the game celebrated its 25-year anniversary, and today, a new installment in the Worms franchise has been teased. In even better news, the new game should be available before the end of this year.

The announcement comes by way of the official Worms Twitter account, which posted a video today to introduce the new game. The video starts with footage of some of the older 2D Worms games, like Worms WMD. The camera then pulls out to reveal that the old footage is being watched on a 3D model of a television. The screen is then smashed by a worm using a weapon familiar to everyone who’s played a Worms game, a baseball bat. The video then shows two more iconic Worms weapons, a grenade, and the Holy Hand Grenade tossed at the worm. The Holy Hand Grenade explodes and 2020 appears on the screen.

The content of the video has led many fans to believe that the upcoming Worm game will be a 3D game. While most players remember the classic 2D versions of the game, this would not be the first time the franchise has gone 3D. The 2011 edition of Worms, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, was met with mixed reviews upon release, but it was a 3D title, though many players thought that the game lost some of its chaotic charms when experienced in 3D. There are certainly fans of the 3D versions, and most Worms players are just excited for a new game.

Presumably, the game will return to the turn-based combat where the series is known for. Fans can also assume that there will be a number of returning weapons to the game, based on the weapons shown in the teaser. Other than that, fans will have to wait until more information is revealed. In the meantime, they can check out other great turn-based combat games.

With the recently announced Half-Life Alyx, and the upcoming Doom and Animal Crossing games, it’s never been a better time for a gamer who loves classic gaming franchises.

Worms will release out in 2020


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