Alley - Journey from the darkness
Becoming a lonely girl lost in the dark, will you be brave enough to overcome everything on the way back to the light?

Alley is a puzzle adventure game, released by goGame on Android / iOS platform. Throughout the game is the journey to overcome the darkness of a little girl. Alley, a short name, a simple plot. But hidden in this game are metaphorical images, leaving many thoughts for the player. I will explain each of these metaphorical images in this article. And now let’s Check out the overview of this game

Alley Review: Journey from the darkness and the fear of the little girl

Graphics in the game Alley

Alley’s graphics are not too special, but quite good-looking. Everything in the game is mysterious black, the only white light is from the path that our characters are taking. If you have ever played through the adventure game with a bit of horror like LIMBO, Evil Cogs … would be quite familiar with this type of graphics. No need to create horror characters or jump scare, this black and white graphic is enough to make the player feel a bit scary.

character design and sounds in The Game Alley

The little girl in Alley has a simple shape with strong hardy lines. From her hair, the skirt to her hands are all triangles. The portal of light that she was facing was also a triangle. Psychologically, the human brain considers angled shapes to be dangerous. That’s why in the cartoon, the villain’s face is often triangular, which makes us feel more hate or disgust. This is an old but effective tactic of filmmakers. The triangles in the game make us feel more insecure and scared.

Alley Review: Journey from the darkness and the fear of the little girl
From the character to the gate of light all evoke triangles
Alley Review: Journey from the darkness and the fear of the little girl
The face is made up of many triangles of the witch – the villain in Sleeping Beauty

Surely you are thinking to match the graphics, the music in Alley must be scary. But no, that’s the melody of the popular children’s song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. A children’s song was remade with a slow melody and deep bass, in addition to the rustling footsteps of her walking. All enough for the sound to be creepy.

Moreover, I don’t think it is a coincidence that game makers use this song. “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is originally a poem, in which there is a passage:

When the blazing sun is gone,

When he nothing shines upon,

Then you show your little light,

Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Verses about a lost man in the darkness can only rely on the light of the stars to walk when the bright sunshine is gone, That fits the story of Alley: A lonely girl on the journey to overcome the darkness. One thing that relates to the song even more: the stars are the currency in the game, they appear on the path that she is going as a shining object. Whether by accident or intentionally, the background music makes Alley much more interesting and horror.


Alley Review: Journey from the darkness and the fear of the little girl

Alley’s gameplay is quite simple. Players press and hold the screen to move. If you stand for too long, you will vanish. If you bump into ghosts, you will vanish. If you hit a sharp trap on the road, you will vanish. Each stage is equivalent to a night. Overcoming a level, you survive the night.

Standing too long also dissipated? Yes, according to the publisher, it is an expression of fear. You stop for too long, you’re afraid. It is the fear that has swallowed you, not a ghost. Like a pawn on chess, you can only move forward. No hesitation, no fear, and no turning back. Fear is only a feeling, only when you overcome it can you overcome challenges and achieve what you want.

On the road will appear items such as dandelion flowers, Teddy bears, oil lamps, amulets, four-leaf clover, … Dandelion flowers will take you into another dimension, a beautiful place like a dream. You control the character to fly to collect more stars. Stars will be used to unlock new costumes for characters. Teddy Bear will form a circle of protection for you once, if you hit the ghost then you will not vanish. So what happens when you vanish? Play again from the first night. I am a person who is not good at games like avoiding obstacles like this. Therefore, I often “vanish” on the third night.

If you notice, the item in Alley also has its own meaning. Teddy bears are a favorite toy for many children. They play with Teddy, see it as a friend, put it beside him when sleeping as a guardian from nightmares. In the game, Teddy becomes a protector for our little girl from ghosts. The oil lamp is a quite useful item, it helps you temporarily dispel mental fear. This is also a “related to reality” detail. Is it when you have to go on a dark road alone, a flashlight will make you less afraid?


Overall, Alley is a pretty good game for those who love the puzzle adventure game genre. The more you play, the more you disappear, the more you will find Alley quite attractive. If we go towards the light, where do we go? Can we escape this eternal nightmare?


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