Amazon France keeps on spoiling us now. After the multiple mysteries Nintendo Switch game listing that Amazon France posted last week with Bethesda, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Take 2, and even Nintendo itself being cited as publishers. We have no idea about the details for these titles, beyond the fact that they were listed as coming to Switch.

Now, we’ve got yet another listing, this time for an unannounced game from Koch Media. Koch oversees franchises like Saints Row and Dead by Daylight, in case you were wondering.

Amazon France comes up with another mystery Nintendo Switch game listing

In the face of E3 cancelation, it could be that information regarding a lot of unconfirmed titles is being pushed to retailers ahead of their announcements, which could come any time now.

Like the abovementioned, a number of new Nintendo Switch game listings have been appeared on major retailer Amazon, suggesting that several unannounced games might be headed for the system in the near future.

People online have spotted said listings on Amazon France, which hint at a sizable number of potential games from major third-party publishers such as Bethesda, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, and Ubisoft.

Here is a walk to remember about the list of each listing’s publisher and the specified platforms:

Bethesda: 3 on PC, 2 on PS4, 3 on Switch, 2 on Xbox One
Capcom: 1 on PC, 1 on Switch
Konami: 1 on PC, 1 on Switch
Square Enix: 3 on PC, 2 on PS4, 2 on Switch, 1 on Xbox One
Take-Two: 2 on PS4, 1 on Switch, 3 on Xbox One
Warner Bros: 1 on PS4, 2 on Switch, 2 on Xbox One
Ubisoft: 2 on PC, 3 on PS4, 2 on Switch, 3 on Xbox One

Third-party publishers aren’t the only ones that Amazon France is jumping the gun with, because internet sleuths have since uncovered four more listings for unannounced Nintendo games allegedly coming to the Switch. As with the earlier listings, these stop short of revealing anything more than the games’ publisher and platform, and their placeholder release dates of December 31 don’t really help to give an idea of when they could launch.

Last Friday, we also learn about four new and unannounced Nintendo-published games headed to Switch. You can see the new listings for yourselves hereherehere, and here. Simply called ‘Nintendo Game 1’, ‘Nintendo Game 2’ etc. at the moment, each listing features a placeholder image of a previous Nintendo product and stops short of giving anything else away other than the platform – Nintendo Switch. Each listing also has a placeholder 31st December release date, which is commonly used by retailers for products when an official date hasn’t yet been revealed.

Amazon France comes up with another mystery Nintendo Switch game listing

One of the prevailing theories is that, given how all of these were leaked so close together, it’s possible these listings are for games that were meant to be unveiled during E3 before it was canceled due to coronavirus. There’s a good chance at least some of these games could still be unveiled during upcoming events like next week’s PS5 game reveal, but given how sparse the listings are, it’s impossible to say if they’re at all reflective of what these publishers have in store.

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