Angeline Quinto, inamin sa marami na hindi na uso ang paramihan ng pera ngayon kundi ang maging masaya at magkaroon ng pamilya sa gitna ng ραndєmya!


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Through the years, Angeline has reached a lot of goals in her life. Through her singing career journey, she has now a lot of investments.

Looking on what she have become, Angeline is safe fo say a financially stable person. But it looks like that someone like the actress have realized a lot in life.

“Ngayon hindi na uso paramihan ng pera o paramihan ng mamahaling gamit,” the ASAP Natin ‘To singer said.

For her, at this point of our life, we have a lot of things to consider first before material things.

“Ang uso ngayon na ngayon ay pasayahan ng buhat at pamilya. Kasi hindi mo alam kung bukas pa buhay ka pa,”

This statement of Angeline really draws a lot of attention from her fans. However, this still elicited different reactions and comments.

Most of them praise her for thinking that Angeline is not just considering materialistic things in life.

While some of them said that we all have our own stages in life. We also have our own perspective and status in life.

Maybe she have come to this point after losing her Mama Bob last year. She was the adoptive mother of the Kapamilya actress.

Before the 2020 ended last year, Ange have come to the weakest point of her life after her Mama Bob passed away.

So this might explain why she came to this point of realizing on what she wants to feel in her life.

What can you say about this?

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Sikat na singer na si Sheryn Regis, emosyonal na ibinahagi kung paano niya nilabanan ang sαkit na cαncєr!

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When she decided to undergo throat surgery due to ca’ncer.

Unknown to many of her fans, singer Sheryn Regis was diagnosed with thyr0id ca’ncer in 2016, facing the possibility of losing her voice altogether.

Regis, who was based then in the United States, underwent surgery that risked affecting her voice.

Upon discovering that she was ill, Sheryn shared she did not know how to react. “Hindi mo malaman kung iiyak ka o hindi or sisigaw ka na lang. Ganun yung feeling. Kasi nung time kasi, kumanta lang ako at pagod na pagod na pagod ako, gusto ko na lang mahimatay,” she said.

In an interview with Magandang Buhay, Sheryn got emotional as she narrated to the hosts how she battled with ca’ncer.

“Sa Cebu, doon ko nalaman na may ca’ncer pala ako.”

“Doon ako nag-biopsy and all,” said Sheryn. She was also asked whether she wanted to receive treatment in the U.S. or in Cebu and she chose the latter.

She also said that her parents and other relatives did not know that she already underwent surgery for thyr0id ca’ncer.

The singer also admitted that there were times when she would get so depr’essed. “Ba’t ako lonely andyan naman lahat.”

“Alam mo pala, yung mga ganyan, stress din pala bakit ka nagka-cancer. Cause I think too much eh, I overthink.”

Sheryn also said that she would often opt to think of the positive but there are times when she would ask why things are happening.

Watch her interview below:

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