Today, Apple announced that the company will be extended the time for a 90-day free trial for Final Cut Pro X while offering a new free trial for the first time for Logic Pro X customers.

Apple extends Final Cut Pro X free trial

Apple’s creative professional apps — video editing software Final Cut Pro X and music production suite Logic Pro X — are both getting free 90-day trials for a limited time. The 90-day free trial for Final Cut Pro X is available now and will arrive “in the coming days” for Logic Pro X.

“We hope customers who are home and looking for something new to master will try out these free trials,” reads Apple’s announcement. During the coronavirus pandemic, folks are required to work or learn from home, so the timely release of new free trials to professional tools that cost hundreds of dollars surely is a big deal.

Final Cut Pro X already had a 30-day free trial that sells for $299. But for Logic Pro X customers, a free trial is kind of new for the first time that normally sells for $199. In particular, Final Cut Pro x is extending the previous 30-day free trial to an additional 90 days. The customers who are currently on a trial of Final Cut Pro X will be able to take advantage of the extended trial period.

Other companies that make music software are handing out similar free deals amid the pandemic. Avid is issuing a limited number of free 90-day licenses for Pro Tools, for example, and Fender is giving 100,000 people three months of free guitar lessons on its Fender Play app.

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