Apple is about to acquire a Startup with 10 years of experience in the VR for $100 million. This will be a quality addition for Apple to continue to pursue their ambition in the field of virtual reality (VR)
Apple is about to acquire a startup with 10 years of experience in the VR field for $ 100 million

In the past few years, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has always been considered to be the future of technology and have also recorded many great strides. That is why more and more companies and large manufacturers are not afraid to spend money to invest, research and produce products that make the most installation of this duo. Apple is no exception.

According to a recent report of 9to5Mac, Apple is urgently implementing plans to acquire NextVR – a startup technology company with 10 years of experience in the field of VR, based in Orange County, California. It is known that Apple has cherished this deal for a relatively long time with the expected price of about $ 100 million. Although both sides have not made any official announcements yet, some sources say many of NextVR’s employees have been transferred to an Apple office.

Apple is about to acquire a startup with 10 years of experience in the VR field for $ 100 million
Apple is about to acquire a 10-year VR startup experience for $ 100 million.

With 10 years of experience, NextVR now holds in its hands a set of extremely valuable products and patents. Previously, this company has continuously cooperated with many leading online entertainment and sports brands in the world such as NBA, Fox Sports, Wimbledon or World of Dance. Up to now, NextVR owns 40 technology patents, most of them related to VR.

Besides, the start-up is also providing VR experiences for users to enjoy live events in a vivid way, through the virtual reality glasses series of PlayStation, Oculus, HTC, Microsoft, and Lenovo. However, in 2019, NextVR encountered problems in the Series C funding round and was forced to cut 40% of its staff. The main reason for this situation is that they only focus on VR technology, and are threatened by the rush of the AR brothers.

On the other hand, for many years, Apple has always been particularly interested in VR and AR. The most basic difference between the two technologies can be understood as follows: In augmented reality, objects and digital images will be created in real space. In virtual reality, the whole world around it will be completely digitized, creating a 100% virtual space.

Apple is about to acquire a startup with 10 years of experience in the VR field for $ 100 million
Apple has been constantly bringing new VR / AR experiences into its product ecosystem over the years.

Back in 2006, when the iPhone was not even launched, Apple applied for a patent for a “head-mounted display” (HMD) system, which could create images from a ray engine. In 2008, they continued to develop this idea with the Apple glass project with the ambition to help users play games on virtual screens larger than the size of the iPhone and iPad screens.

Currently, Apple is also focusing on developing VR / AR glasses – also a product that they have studied very carefully over the years. In 2019, Apple acquired iKinema, a company specializing in VR software and motion capture, and also recruited many experts in this field to their team.

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