Attractive mobile games that are free in a short time

On these COVID-19 pandemic days, developers are also very generous to free a few attractive mobile games but just for a short time on Android and iOS

In the days of the complicated COVID-19 epidemic like this, staying in a social isolation house is the best way to ensure the safety of the health of gamers and their families. Even WHO recommends that people should stay home and play games as one of the mentioned activities to protect their health from diseases. So, some developers are very generous when free attractive mobile games in a short time on both iOS and Android platforms.

Alien Shooter

Attractive mobile games that are free in a short time

For players of the 8x, 9x generation, Alien Shooter is not simply a legend, but also a whole region of childhood with deep and beautiful memories. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading the legendary Alien Shooter being free on the iOS platform HERE!


Attractive mobile games that are free in a short time

Alphaputt is a mobile game for golfers designed quite beautifully, impressively but equally funny. With Alphaputt, players will be “tasted” 30 levels with different difficulty levels. The interesting feature of this game is the terrain design alphabet to increase the challenge to a new level for golfers. Another great interesting feature of Alphaputt is that it is possible to play 4 people on one device, very suitable for gamers who want to entertain their family in these epidemic days.

Currently, Alphaputt is free for a limited time on the App Store before returning for $ 3.99. Download now Alpaputt HERE!

Homo Machina

Attractive mobile games that are free in a short time

Homo Machina is an extremely interesting puzzle game that is being free on both Android and iOS for a short time. With gameplay that takes gamers to explore the main inside of the human body. However, instead of learning about the internal parts of the body, players will have to find a way to help that “machine” work smoothly and function normally. Of course, it will not be the same machine lines as in the normal factory but will be the nervous system, muscles, blood vessels, and many other human organs.

The appeal of Homo Machina is the practicality and meaning that this product brings to help us better understand the inner body of each person but also designed extremely artistically and subtly not feeling “creepy” at all.

Currently, Homo Machina is being free before returning for $ 3.99 on iOS. Interested gamers can download the game on iOS HERE, and on Android HERE

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