Baby Amari, ρinangigilan ng mga netizen dahil sa naρakacute na halakhak habang nakikiρagharutan kay Billy Crawford!


Baby Amari Crawford can’t help but smile as his Daddy Billy tickles him.

Billy Crawford gave a glimpse again of his life as a first-time dad.

On Billy’s Instagram account, he posted a short video. In the video, baby Amari was seen giggling as Billy tickled him through his kisses.

“We live for your laughter,” Billy captioned his post.

Billy Crawford was able to touch the hearts of many social media users in the video that showed one of his priceless moments with baby Amari.

The sweet ‘father and son’ moment of them captured the hearts of netizens as the said video has reached more than 90,000 views as of writing.

The ‘tickle and giggle’ seems like their favorite bonding time.

Upon watching their video, many netizens expressed their ‘gigil’ over the cuteness of Baby Amari.

“amaaaaaari! haaay. ??? youre a blessing to all of us. nakakawala ka ng pagod”


“nakaka tuwa ka baby amari.nakaka hawa ang saya mo.”

“Awww ? paamoy ng leeg amariiiiii”

“Sarap mong kgatin amari nkkagigil ka BBY”

“Ung giggles nya!! Sweeeeeaaaaarr!!! Ang cuuuuute!!!”

Previously, Coleen Garcia shared a cute video of Billy Crawford singing to Amari on Instagram.

Amari can be seen responding to his dad and mom by laughing and cooing.

The actress, who was taking the video, can also be heard saying “I love you” to Amari.

Tamomo, Coleen’s dog, also watched and listened to Billy in the background.

Billy also shares the video on his Instagram page.

As he sang a simple rendition of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for baby Amari.

Amari could not help but smile and giggle as his father sang parts of Bobby McFerrin’s 1988 hit tune.

So cutie Amari!

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Andi is now a proud mom of two as she and her finacé Philmar Alipayo welcomed their baby boy Koa.

Moreover, her celebrity mom Jaclyn is so proud of her on how she manages her daughters Ellie, Lilo and now son Koa.

During an interview of Jaclyn on her media press conference, she expressed how much she is happy for her daughter Andi.

“Happy. Happy ako kasi healthy si Andi and healthy‘yung baby. Sobrang I am so blessed with this work, with healthy children and apos kasi ‘yun lang naman ang prayers ko, ‘yung wag magkasakit,” the multi awarded actress said.

Aside from this, the actress is thankful as Andi and her baby is safe.

“I am so happy, three days siya sa hospital as if nothing happened she’s too strong. Strongest woman well aside from me (smiles),” she jokingly said.

As a mom and a grandmother, she said that she sees Andi happy making her own family.

“Yes they are genuinely happy. Ano sila, they’re just living their life to the fullest. Ayaw nila ng negative. They don’t watch news, they don’t watch things that make them think. Ako na bahala doon, kumbaga ako na ang bahala doon.”

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Meanwhile, Andi and Philmar are going home now in Siargao Island with their newest addition of the family.