With Bless Online completely collapsing, a new empire with Bless Mobile has been welcomed by many gamers. The Game has reached over 1 million early registrations and about to open the first test phase

If you do not know, the popular MMORPG Bless Online was forced to close because there were too few players, but recently, game makers have revealed mobile products developed based on this game. One of them is Bless Mobile. The game will only use Bless Online’s settings while introducing a new world and storyline, and the features in the game may be very different.

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After a short time of introduction, Bless Mobile opened its early registration and quickly reached over 1 million accounts. On this occasion, the game publisher released a video introducing character classes and some in-game features.

In addition, players participating in early Bless Mobile registration can create their character and their Guild on the Home Page of Bless Mobile. On the other hand, there is an event in-game that gives valuable gifts like Airpod and gift cards to the early registration players.

Bless Mobile will be open for testing from the upcoming March 20, the trial will last for 4 days. Interested gamers can refer to more information about the game HERE.

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