Predator: Hunting Grounds, The first-person shooter game developed by IllFonic. This week, they have introduced a new gameplay trailer which makes the fan of this game crazy

Similar to the studio’s work on Friday the 13th: The Game, Predator: Hunting grounds is an unequal battle that a team of 4 human mercenaries fights against the Outside space creature in a winner-takes-all fight for survival. As the normal case of 4 versus 1 experiences, players can expect the Predator can access to powerful abilities and weapons, with all the hallmarks of Predator in its famous films (thermal vision, invisibility, heightened agility, Plasma caster, etc.)

Bloody New Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailer Debuts

As for the fireteam eager to keep its collective limbs on the other end, they’ll undoubtedly be outmatched in terms of technology and sheer physical strength, meaning co-ordination and strategy will be the most important if they’re to succeed in their mission.

Speaking of which, there’ll be plenty of space for the human team to use and devise unique methods of moving through the dangerous South American jungle. Will you choose to split the team to distract the Predator or you want to defeat the Predator by the united of the team? The choice is yours to make, though we’d definitely suggest having one member keep an alert and constant watch on the canopy above for even the slightest of movements.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is out on April 24th for PlayStation 4 and PC platform, for those who pre-purchase the title will unlock an exclusive Predator skin themed after the original 1987 movie as well as the “Ole Painless” Mini-Gun. Which is a really scary skin and powerful.

Now you can Pre-purchase this title on the PC and the PS4 on Amazon you can get it below.

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