Bullet League is a 2D Side-Scrolling Battle Royale, and it’s Out Now

Bullet League is Out Now
Bullet League

Bullet League is a 2D battle royale from Funday Factory. It sees you exploring huge areas, collecting blueprints to level-up, discovering rare items, and of course killing as many people as you possibly can.

It’s a novel, mobile-friendly take on battle royale that makes for faster and more frantic contests. As you build structures and blast away at your enemies you’ll rapidly acquire new weapons and upgrades, and the pace of everything is accelerated in two dimensions.

The game proved popular in early access, and you can download the final version on Google PlayStore right now for free.

Pick up whatever you can and arm yourself – you can then fight your enemies and eliminate them. Make sure you use cover, and don’t forget to build platforms too that you can block players with or use for defence.

This is an action game where you’ll try fighting against enemies in 2D graphics. The game offers the popular battle royale mode. Your objective thus is to kill as many enemies as you can and to be the last survivor. If you manage to do so, you win. Right at the beginning, you need to find a gun, since without it, your chances of victory are slim. You can also try to mine crystals that can be used to build blocks and thus securing yourself against enemies. The only disadvantage is that the online version only offers AI opponents. So if you wish to play against real players, you’ll need to download the mobile version.

Funday Factory made it rather simple to get into the game. It will initially present players with the basics of the home screen. And then proceed to give them a short tutorial while getting into their first match.

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