When only a few games can fill a 1TB hard drive and the internet is limited, PS5 Digital Edition is not a wise choice

Last week, Sony announced The PS5 model as well as revealed to gamers about the types of accessories such as cameras, remote, headsets, chargers … However for gamers who intend to own PS5, What they care about must be the official price of this machine.

No one has dared to confirm the exact amount of money of the machine yet. The problem is that Sony will produce two different versions: the normal PS5 version with Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, and the PS5 Digital Edition. How does it affect the price? The PS5 Digital Edition version would probably be much cheaper (around $ 50-100), and gamers who buy PS5 Digital Edition will only be able to play games purchased from Sony stores.

These are the official PS5 accessories - SlashGear
PS5: Appearance, price, power, and accessories

But according to me, PS5 Digital Edition is a big mistake both for gamers and Sony. Let me present my thoughts and evidence that has led me to this conclusion.

Choosing PS5 Digital Edition is a gamer’s mistake

Buying games from online stores have an indisputable advantage when you can download games to your computer immediately and play the game without having to wait to buy the discs. This is also the most affordable way to buy games on PCs, especially indie games that do not have the budget to print widely released discs and are forced to depend on online platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store, and itch. .io, GOG … Console gamers will also enjoy the same convenience when buying games from console manufacturer’s stores, in this case, Sony and PlayStation Store.

PS5 sẽ cho phép người dùng chơi thử miễn phí ngay trên PlayStation ...
When purchasing Digital Edition, you are forced to depend on the PS Store.

But when you buy PS5 Digital Edition, you lose a great advantage of the ability to play and read the content written on the disc. Even if this version is cheaper than the $ 50-100 disc, the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive itself that Sony mounts for the PS5 bring great value, such as the ability to play 4K HDR movies. It helps you not need to spend more money on other machines and still can enjoy the collection of music and movies that you have worked hard to collect for many years.

Meanwhile, having a local drive allows you to buy game discs from other players. This is a solution that helps you save a lot of money in the long run. When you spend 60 USD to buy game A, play boring, and exchange it for game B, then exchange game B for game C, you saved 120 USD. We can also find used game discs at prices about half to two-thirds of the price of new games, which is about 30-40 USD. Just buy 5 old games like this, you have saved 100-150 USD, equal to or far more than the money saved from buying a PS5 Digital Edition without a drive.

My PS4 collection. : playstation
Your PS4 discs collection will become useless if you buy PS5 Digital Edition

Even if you don’t consider buying cheap games from people who want to buy/sell games, owning a game disc gives their owners the ability to play games regardless of the internet connection. They give gamers the right to choose how to store and play the game, while you can enjoy the advantages of downloading games directly from the internet.

Besides, gamers will also be able to save quite a lot of hard drive capacity and connection, which is quite important when today’s games are growing bigger, and 100-200 GB games are no longer rare.

Is PS5 Digital Edition Sony’s mistake?

Gaming machines without disc players are nothing new: both Microsoft and Sony have tried this market, and have failed. On the Microsoft side, they once launched a diskless version of Xbox One called Xbox One S All Digital (often abbreviated to Xbox One SAD) for $ 50 less than the regular Xbox One S. Gamers are not interested in this version for many different reasons, such as the capacity is too small for the needs (1TB), or the price is not attractive (currently $ 250) because sometimes the version The regular Xbox One is also cheaper.

The New Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Buy Now | Xbox
“Sad” Xbox One is a good name because it doesn’t have a drive.

Sony itself has tested the “100% digital” idea before, and you probably didn’t know about this test because it was a disastrous failure. I am talking about PSP Go, a version of PSP that depends entirely on downloading games and disposing of disks / physical storage devices. The device has a storage capacity of 16 GB, which can be expanded to 32 GB via the memory card slot while its game has a maximum capacity of about 1.8 GB. As such, a PSP Go can hold a minimum of 9-18 games depending on whether the player has an additional memory card or not.

The gaming console was launched by Sony in October 2009 for $ 250, but only three months later, there were rumors that gamers were not excited about the console and the sales were very poor. That rumor was quickly proven when Sony repeatedly launched a stimulus such as giving away a series of free games for each PSP Go sold in June 2010 or announced the price reduction to $ 200 in October. / 2010. However, these measures did not save the PSP Go and in April 2011, Sony quitting with the PSP Go.

Amazon.com: IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Sony PSP Go ...

Indeed, at the time of the PSP Go launch, the distribution of games over the Internet was still limited, but the problem of capacity and internet connection still exists today. The games are growing, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has surpassed 200 GB, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is 85 GB, The Last of Us Part 2 is nearly 80 GB, …

When having a disc, you do not need to worry about storing them on your computer so you don’t have to wait while you want to play, and that’s the advantage that PS5 Digital Edition can’t get. Gamers living in the “third world” countries of the internet connection like the US probably cannot accept to ignore this advantage.

It is too early to throw away the disk-drive

We believe that in the future when large capacity hard drives such as 8TB and 16TB are so popular that they can grow on trees and everyone has unlimited internet bandwidth, no capacity squeeze, full dependency. Access to internet distribution channels is possible.

At the present time when only a few games can fit 1TB hard drive and the internet is limited, PS5 Digital Edition is not a wise choice. Storage media like Blu-ray discs and disc players are still the first choice for gamers who want to enjoy games, movies, and music, and they can even save you big money in the long run.

You can check out the PlayStation Homepage for more info about the PS5.

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