Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 have launched and it brings in robots and plenty of new loot to acquire.

Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 looks to be one of the game’s most exciting seasons yet. With slick new skins for both your character and the armory of weapons at your disposal.

You will still need to pick up the season pass if you want the fastest route to some of the best weapon skins though.

Although you don’t need the premium pass to unlock certain items, many of the most sought after items are only available in the premium pass.

Which means you’ll need to spend some of those CoD Points. If you don’t have enough saved up then you’ll need to buy some with real money. Or your Google Play balance if you have enough there.

One of the things you will end up getting is the Reaper robot skin for your character. You’ll get this with tier 1 of the premium pass so it unlocks immediately, and along with it comes the M4 – Magmacomb skin, the Knife – Section skin, and the Sticky Grenade – Section skin. Once you hit tier 12, you get the David Mason skin, letting you play as the main character from Black Ops II.

If you can make it all the way to tier 50 (which is easy enough to do as long as you play and do the daily and weekly tasks), you’ll end up unlocking the AK-47 Steel Blue weapon skin. Of course along the way you’ll also be rewarded with extra CoD Points and a number of Steel Legion Crates.

In addition to the new regular season there’s a new ranked season as well. Which means there’s more stuff for you to unlock there.

If you’re playing ranked multiplayer you can work your way towards the Man-O-War – Industrial Revolution skin. You can also get a matching character skin if you make it to Master II rank in ranked battle royale mode.

Along the way, you can pick up plenty of weapon XP cards, and other various weapon skins. There’s also a new multiplayer map, Meltdown, as well as some new limited time modes called 2v2 Showdown and Gun Game Teamfight, which is a mode that meshes both Gun Game and Team Deathmatch together.

Call of Duty Mobile season 5 gives you a lot to work towards, with robots being the central theme. It’s man vs machine and humanity needs all the help it can get. So get out there and fight.

Call of Duty Mobile is Available on Android and iOS

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