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Call of duty: Warzone hack appears after 24-hour release

Over the past few days, the gaming community has been buzzing about Call of Duty: Warzone, the version that allows downloading and playing 100% free, which makes players extremely delighted since you would pay an insignificant sum to own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, no players would refuse a totally new and free mode. Notwithstanding, after a 24-hour release, a hacked version of the new game has appeared on social media.

In a Youtube video posted under an account named VAC_Man, players once active the hacked version are able to walk through walls, know the position of all players in the map, automatically target the gun towards opponents. Besides, players can cheat by making the bullet moves in a straight line so most of the shootings at an extreme distance are precise.

On top of the super-fast hack released in the previous 24 hours, myriad gamers aren’t able to have faith in Activision as they haven’t made any notice regarding this “problem”. The question here is that whether Call of Duty: Warzone succeeds further down the line and becomes a victim of the hack and cheat issue similar to PUBG or Apex Legends. Nevertheless, with these undeniable proofs, Activision has to take action sooner or later.


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