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Call of Duty Warzone’s Contracts and How to find them

Call of Duty: Warzone has brought gamers a fresh air besides being the only survivor, especially The Contracts.

Call of Duty has made a spectacular debut in the world of battle royale with its Warzone version. Although this is not the first time this series has found a niche in the battle royale market, this is the first brand to have a completely free Battle Royale mode. Players can own it without losing a penny. In Call of Duty Warzone, the player jumps off an airplane in a squad of three and rushes into the battlefield where 147 opponents need to be destroyed. Players will have to go around the map to find better weapons, as well as better equipment to protect themselves. A unique feature of this version is Gulag which would appear when a player dies while fighting.

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This person will then be revived in a dungeon, where they can fight for freedom with another opponent. If players win, they will return to the battlefield, or else, on the contrary, the only way left is finding a new game (Or wait for their comrades to finish shooting). This feature allows players to “redeem” when they accidentally die on the battlefield. Another special system introduced in the game is Contracts which are scattered on the map, waiting for players to pick up and complete the assigned task, or hunting the wanted to be rewarded.

Contracts are additional things to do in midstream. Small goals are set for players to complete and earn money. The money can be used at Buy Station, the shopping stations scattered around the map where players can buy weapons, armor or even “buy” dead teammates. Meanwhile, players can find coins scattered around the map and also look for contracts that require different challenges and get a considerable return. Each contract usually pays players between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars of game money. There are three different types of contracts that players can find, with different missions to complete.

The locations of these contracts and their uses

In an attempt to find contracts, you have to pay attention to the yellow glowing items lying on the ground. Contracts are lootable items that you find naturally in the Warzone map, and there are almost no specific locations. But there is a type of area they are usually seen, more precisely, in areas with lots of crates and weapons. As picking up the contract, players will be assigned one of three types of tasks. According to PCGamesn, Warzone Contracts come in the following forms:

Bounty – eliminate a randomly designated enemy player

Scavenger – open a series of supply caches

Recon – secure a flag point like in the Domination multiplayer mode

The biggest challenge among these types of contracts is, obviously, Bounty, as it requires the player to eliminate a specific object on the map. The game will randomly select an “ill-fated” player, and narrow the scope of their position. The game does not inform players of the exact location, but will often update if the object moves. The location of the target will be represented by a yellow crown that appears on the map. Players only have a limited time to eliminate the wanted. If you fail, the hunting target will disappear. Besides, the team of the target will recognize that a reward is being placed on their member, and they will be notified when the hunter’s team approaches. Bounty is, therefore, a very difficult task to complete.

Scavenger has no direct threat in the game world when the only thing players have to worry about is opening boxes. However, players must be attentive to their surroundings, because unboxing is considered as the most vulnerable time. These boxes appear on the map as a yellow magnifying glass. The team must collect all the required boxes before time runs out. Completing this mission will give players money to buy items at the Buy Station.

Finally, Recon functions similarly to a game of domination. Opposite teams will be notified of a specific location on the map of the occupation area. To complete this contract, the player must take that point before the opponents. In particular, this contract can be robbed by another team if it fails, and it will take a while to complete it. Be careful of your surroundings and the closing circle around the game map


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