The Cannibal game’s trailer is available now. The horror film Cannibal Holocaust is preparing to turn into a game. Ruggero Deodato, director of the big controversial horror film in 1980, Cannibal Holocaust, is making a horror game with a similar theme: Cannibal.

Cannibal game's trailer

On the fortieth anniversary of the release of the cult film “Cannibal Holocaust”, director Ruggero Deodato announces the fourth, highly awaited chapter of his cannibal’s cycle, with great news: the new episode will not be a movie, but a videogame created in collaboration with Fantastico Studio.

In 1980, the worldwide controversial film Cannibal Holocaust was released, creating a wave of backlash and becoming the pioneer name of Found Footage which is a film subgenre in which all or a substantial part of the work is presented as if it were discovered film or video recordings. The reality of the film has given people chills in the face of such violence and cannibalism segments. Now, 40 years after its launch, a game adapted from the content of the film is about to be released. Cannibal, this new game is a collaboration between director Ruggero Deodato and independent development firm Fantastico Studio.

Cannibal game's trailer revealed
Ruggero Deodato

Introduced as an interactive horror picture adventure game, Cannibal was written and directed by Deodato himself, exploring the same theme as the controversial movie, including aboriginal and human flesh eateries. Set in Borneo, the Cannibal game will allow players to play many different characters. Details of these characters have not been revealed, but hopefully, more information will soon appear. The game is scheduled for release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices in November 2020.

Based on the images in the Cannibal game’s trailer, it seems that the game will find a way to replicate the style of recording the style of Found Footage like the movie, which has been done in games like Outlast and Resident Evil 7. As adapting one of the pioneering movies of this genre, it will be interesting to see if Cannibal can push this horror game style to a whole new level.

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