Resident Evil Resistance is a new part of the Resident Evil series, but it does not carry the typical gameplay as its predecessors. the Open beta of the game, players can download and experience completely free

Recently on the official website of Resident Evil Resistance, Capcom announced that it was forced to indefinitely postpone the open beta of Resident Evil resistant date on PC and PS4. The reason is due to technical problems, there are many errors in the matchmaking stage. This directly affects the experience of gamers. But the good news for the Xbox is that the RE Resistance will still launch the open beta as expected, gamers can download and experience it now.

Capcom suddenly postpone the release date of the Resident Evil Resistance open beta for PC and ps4

If you do not know, RE Resistance divides the player team into two teams, each team will have separate gameplay to make it difficult for the opponent – Resident Evil Resistance is confirmed to have more details than what Capcom has created. Specifically, Resistance still uses the familiar action gameplay and powerful bosses.

The first is the villain. Players of this side will control the whole game. Specifically, the mastermind will set traps around the map to prevent the group of test subjects from escaping. Control the Zombie and Tyrant to attack the player. To win, the supervisor must prevent all survivors from escaping.

The next is the escaping faction, a collection of teenagers kidnapped by the Umbrella Corporation for testing purposes. Each of these people in escaping factions has their own special skills. They will have to work together to fool the mastermind and find a way for the team to escape in a safe way.

Capcom suddenly postpone the release date of the Resident Evil Resistance open beta for PC and ps4

The Resident Evil Resistance postpone its released date on Pc and PS4 but Resident Evil Resistance will be released on April 3, 2020, on Xbox. So the gamers can still experience the game through Xbox. you can find more information about the game Here

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