Chance to experience Angry Birds Casual Limit Trial

Angry Birds Casual Entered the Limit Test

Puzzle games Angry Birds Casual unexpectedly open a testing phase for gamers in some countries.

According to the information we have updated, Angry Birds Casual is a new puzzle game that appears. Angry Birds Casual developed and distributed by Rovio. The game currently opens a limited test for the iOS platform (requires 12.0 or higher). ÂThe Angry Birds series has been known and loved by the community of players with many different versions. And now this is the latest version to exploit this IP.

 Angry Birds Casual game in casual style with cute images and graphics. You will meet the most adorable Angry Birds and join a fascinating series of missions. Different types of missions in the game require players to be creative and persistent to overcome if they want to conquer the final destination.

This mobile game is divided into several levels to play. Each level will be a more difficult challenge. Game Angry Birds Casual has a combination of elements of coordinates shooter, puzzle game in the role-playing context moving along the classic horizontal screen.

Angry Birds Casual Entered the Limit Test

Graphics in the game Angry Birds Casual Mobile is delightful with animation style. Images of birds are expressed in playful, vivid and beautiful colors. Combined with the relaxing game music, you can have great moments with this new game.

The testing Version will last about one to two months. In this limited opening, the countries that can participate in the experience are the US, Finland, Poland, and Sweden. You can download Angry Birds Casual as a free game from the App Store. So far the official opening time has not been announced!

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