COD: Warzone turn off crossplay from console to pc because cheaters are not welcome!! and to avoid cheaters begun to disable crossplay due to the rampant amount of cheaters that have been infiltrating the game

COD: Warzone Turn off Crossplay

COD: Warzone Turn off Crossplay to avoid those pesky cheaters.Players have continued to complain about cheaters who are still in the game. Some have been able to hit players through walls, use automatic aim-bots, have no recoil on their shots, and plenty of other unfair abilities. If you make your way over to any of the Modern Warfare or Warzone subreddits, you will find a plethora of players sharing their experiences and frustration with these cheaters.

Infinity Ward has already stated that they have banned more than 70,000 cheaters in the game. However, it looks like the problem is still running rampant, mainly on PC. Historically, cheaters have always stayed in the PC environment due to the difficulty of getting these cheats enabled on consoles.

This has lead to console players turning off the crossplay feature in Warzone. Unfortunately, this can mean longer matchmaking times. Hell, even Infinity Ward wants you to enable crossplay because when you try to search for a match with the feature disabled, the game asks if you want to enable crossplay.

Eurogamer stated that they were able to find a match after 3 minutes of matchmaking with crossplay disabled. With it turned on? Only 30 seconds.

While you can disable crossplay for Warzone on PS4, the Xbox One is a different story. Warzone prevents you from finding a lobby on Xbox One if the feature is disabled. Though, some have had some luck brute-forcing their way into finding a match with the feature disabled on Xbox. On PC however, you are not able to disable crossplay on Warzone.

Cheaters are always unavoidable and can really take the fun out of the experience. Especially if you have been playing one match of Warzone for almost 30 minutes only to be shot by a cheater using an aim-bot. Hopefully, Infinity Ward is able to get the situation under wraps not too long from now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you are only interested in Warzone you can download the mode for free on those platforms.

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