Unlike Mount & Blade 2, Conqueror’s Blade is a free game on Steam so you will not spend any money when playing it

Conqueror’s Blade is a perfect combination of real-time strategy and action RPG and has an extremely high-quality character creation mechanism. It can be said that this is another version of Black Desert Online but mixed a lot of extreme details … details will help players satisfy their creativity. After initializing your character, the player will be thrown into a world with full instructions on the basics through a series of initial tasks that can master the character and fighting skills.

Conqueror's Blade a new free exciting game about wars on Steam

about graphics, Conqueror’s Blade is absolutely amazing, only when it is fully rendered and effective. In the current version, sometimes the waiting time to enter a new area lasts up to a few seconds accompanied by black lines on the character and the surrounding environment. This can make a difference among players, more precisely, between strong and weak PCs. Conqueror’s Blade also supports 4K resolution, so if you have a graphics card strong enough to render images at this resolution, gaming performance will be maximized.

Looking at gameplay objectively, Conqueror’s Blade is very fun. Flying around the battlefield and several sweeps of units attacking it made it look like a Dynasty Warriors game. Operation with the left mouse button and hotkeys along with a lot of different weapons can create countless tactics. Some basic commands for your army include attacking surrounding areas, putting together a formation, arranging a siege, etc.

Conqueror's Blade a new free exciting game about wars on Steam

The game guide will show you each strategy through each simple game. For the same reason, the early game tutorial missions will be quite long, even up to more than 5 hours of play. It is absolutely necessary information to be able to play, and it also provides a decent amount of experience for the player’s character as any MMORPG. Every time you level up, you will have an additional status point and upgrade the overall index of the character. Your units will also have their own experience system and be represented as a skill tree. They can also be upgraded with resources and research operations.

In most of the tutorials, the game explains quite a bit about the basics of the game including the food unit, gaining experience, farming, and other important resources, even having a skill tree called “technology tree” is extremely confusing. Although in the game, resources are still exploited and collected even when you’re not online, which can be useful for lazy people, there are many other tips to exploit effectively.

Conqueror's Blade a new free exciting game about wars on Steam

It can be seen that this game is a real difficulty in combining strategy and precision. So without having to worry too much about the depth of the game, even Conqueror’s Blade may become the new favorite game for fans of the strategy game series. Besides, the game is also difficult to reach those who are impatient because some people just hear that the first tutorial of the game is up to 6 hours, they will run away from the game immediately.

At the moment, the game Conqueror’s Blade is 100% free on Steam. Interested people can download it HERE.

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