Create your own Quest, even Marry an NPC with the Upcoming MMORPG Game: TRAHA

TRAHA – Korean Region is an open-world role-playing game for those who like the freedom to explore and create.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho TRAHA

Developed and cared for by Nexon Company, TRAHA is a beautiful open world environment game that uses 360-degree graphics technology. Accompanied by realistic environmental sound effects, applying the rules of near-deep and full of fine art with advanced game-making technology, the game will now give players a better vision in an open wide world.

A new game which there are no rules for each class, all you need is to create a character and choose all the careers you love, throughout the game experience later, Players are free to change their career without limits, without worrying about losing a fee. The game allows you to create your own play style and change it optionally just by changing the weapons and skills that the player currently has. By That way, the player can be a gunner, a gunner, a fighter,  an assassin, or if you don’t like it, you can also become a support healer for your teammates with just a few simple steps. traha1

If team fighting in open-world games is difficult for you, TRAHA also offers hiding mechanisms, Stealth Kill even if it is a small attack and in most different battlefields. You can also create your own new skills to add to your current skill set to improve your combat and mission.

The mission system in the game, as far as the game is concerned … does not offer a task at all. The player will create a task and perform it, level up, invite other players or friends to join the task that you has set out. This is the world of the player and the player will write his own story, but remember not to make the task too difficult and complain!

Like most other MMORPGs, TRAHA also has a mechanism to create characters at the player’s discretion, the game allows you to adjust almost the entire body of the character, from the eyes, nose, ears, eyebrows, degrees. deep chin, or face and chest. Suitable for many gamers who want to create a “waifu” to their liking.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho TRAHA

If you are an “FA”, you don’t need to worry about that, the game also allows you to marry the game’s NPCs like a true couple simulation game. And of course, it depends on your demands!!!

In addition to creating missions, players can also do single-player activities such as fishing, raising animals and farming. These can all increase a player’s strength indicators.

Currently, the game has been launched on the Korean server and will soon be officially launched on the Japanese server, while waiting for the game to officially launch on Google Play, please stay tuned for updates.


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