The famous weather app on Android Dark Sky was purchased by Apple and immediately removed from the Google Play Store

Dark Sky app

Dark Sky is one of the most popular weather forecast apps on Android and is also highly rated as the top 1 of the weather apps on iOS. However, Android users will no longer be able to use this great weather application in the future.

Dark Sky stated on its blog site that it was purchased by Apple, the amount of the acquisition was not disclosed. Dark Sky developers also received orders from Apple, which is to remove Android and Wear OS versions on July 1, 2020.

Previously, users from other OS can also use apps on iOS. For example, Apple purchased the music identifying app Shazam it kept the Android version. It also released a version of its internet messaging app iMessenger for Android users last year.

For Apple users, the company said there will be no changes “at this time”. The Dark Sky app costs $3.99 in the US and ‎£3.99 in the UK.
Android users who still have an active subscription of Dark Sky when it stops operating in July will receive a refund.

Dark Sky’s API – the software that transmits information between the app and its users – will be available to customers until 2021. But the company said it will no longer sign up new subscribers.

Not only that, but the Dark Sky website that displays weather information will also be closed. Previously, Dark Sky also shared the API for other applications, but that will also end after Apple takes over.

Basically, Apple will make the Dark Sky exclusive and not share it with anyone. There are leaked information revealing that Apple will integrate Dark Sky into iOS’s default weather app. If this is true, surely Android users will be extremely jealous.

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