Kaito Shinonme’s little sister.

The latest issue of Weekly Jump introduces new Digimon Survive character Miu Shinonome and partner Digimon Syakomon.

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Miu Shinonome (voiced by Misaki Watada) is a previously detailed character Kaito Shinonme’s younger sister. She is an eccentric sixth-grade student who often speaks in riddles. She dislikes her brother’s interferences and always rebels against him.

Syakomon (voiced by Asami Tanako) is a bivalve monster covered by a hard shell, as well as Miu’s partner Digimon. As she protects Miu from dangerous monsters, they gradually become friends. Though Syakomon tends to daydream, Miu keeps her grounded. She and Miu make a good pair.

In Digimon Survive, a group of students attending extracurricular research studies camp ending up lost in another world where dangerous monsters exist. Both Miu and Kaito are locals to the area where the camp is being held.

Digimon Survive is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC worldwide in 2020. In Japan, it will only be released for PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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