When we first learned about New Gold Standard for MMORPGs: Dragon Raja, we almost wrote off as another new Gold Standard For Mobile games
Dragon Raja : The New Gold Standard For Mobile MMORPGs
Dragon Raja MMORPG

Dragon Raja is the new Gold Standard Mobile MMORPGs. And one thing that lit a fire in our bellies was those Unreal Engine 4-fueled visuals. Part of us didn’t really believe they would actually look that good in practice. And, to be fair, we’ve been burned before (looking at you, Black Desert Mobile). Oh, how wrong we were.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dragon Raja is the most visually stunning mobile game we’ve ever seen. Blowing everything that’s came before it out of the water. The environments are a true joy to behold and are absolutely teeming with life, weather effects, and realistic physics effects. We actually wanted to get out and explore – fancy that in a mobile MMORPG!

While we could fill this entire review with gushing words about how darn pretty Dragon Raja is. That’s also not the only good thing about it. We really appreciated the attention to detail too. During the opening moments, you wander around your bedroom and there’s loads of interactive stuff.

You can play guitar, look through a photo album, glance at yourself in the mirror. And just take a seat at your desk. It felt more like Life is Strange than an MMORPG. Granted, Dragon Raja does ram this down your throat later by forcing you to do all of these things on a checklist. But still – we still appreciated it.

There’s also an actual plot, complete with cutscenes, full voice acting, and QTEs to perform. Granted, it’s not the most well-written plot and we’ve encountered more than a few clichés but it’s head and shoulders above the competition. At worst, it’s like playing a bog standard JRPG – it’s good enough to sit through while you wait to get to the good stuff.


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