Evil Hunter Tycoon – Survival Game For the Survivors

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a mobile simulation game with a story that Darklord destroys everything, spreading destruction all around the world

Evil Hunter Tycoon is designed in a vertical screen style with simple strokes similar to the early games on gaming machines. The game sets the player two main tasks, one is to rebuild the destroyed town and the other is to increase the power of hunters against the dark monster.

Evil Hunter Tycoon - Survival Game For the Survivors

Here you will begin to handle everything in the game starting from building the town, to recruiting, trading, training the hunters. You should focus on building the facilities that enable Hunters to stay and use such as Infirmary, Restaurant, Pub, Hostel, Forging, Weapon Shop, …

Hunters visiting the town are classified into 4 different classes, but their classes and levels are random, and their characteristics are random too. so when collecting players need to check their characteristics to develop reasonably.

Evil Hunter Tycoon - Survival Game For the Survivors

You can also use items to invite top Hunters. Then by the conditions of town to support the Hunters. For example, providing hunters with the task of hunting monsters, teaching hunters with secret skills and techniques, changing equipment for hunters, …

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mobile also has many other interesting activities for players to participate in such as the Easter Sanctuary to help hunters grow indefinitely, duplicates give some rare materials, areas containing treasure for you to explore. You can even summon Field Boss and defeat it. Also, take part in PVP battles with hunters from another town to become the leader.

General, This is an Interesting with various gameplay mode for Player can choose, with its graphic we can imagine a game that we used to play when we were a child. so if you wanna live your childhood again download now this game.

Download game Evil Hunter Tycoon for Android Here and ios Here

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