JRPG 3D game with real-time battles based on tactical squad commander Blade X lord confirmed to be preparing to release the English version

Fantasy World "Blade X Lord" is about to launch the English version

If you do not know, the mobile game Blade X Lord is a new role-playing game directed by Hisatoshi Hayakashi – the father of popular smartphone role-playing games like FINAL FANTASY, BRAVE EXVIUS, and LAST CLOUDIA.

Blade X Lord leads players to explore the world through a large number of stories represented by cutting-edge 3D cutscenes with great, detailed graphics.

The main plot of Blade XLord promises to open up many interesting challenges. Accordingly, Blade X Lord Mobile started from the “Eons” in the past, the Sword God – the creator of the world – has fallen to Earth and participated in the battles here.

Fantasy World "Blade X Lord" is about to launch the English version

As time went by, a lonely young man was given the power to replace the Gods. This knight had to fight against deformed monsters called Grimloks.

Young dragon knight of Lansaster, Ryde Belford has the last blow to defeat Grimlok and prevent the chaos happening in the lands. However, this is only the beginning of everything.

What awaited the Dragon Knights when they returned to the Kingdom of Laguin was the discrimination of traitors. He was disgraced and betrayed by the person he considered as an ally, the Obsidian Lion Knight. Before the Sword God returns, the young man will have to overcome his own fate.

Fantasy World "Blade X Lord" is about to launch the English version

After a period of widespread development in Japan, Producer Game Blade X Lord has planned to release this game in the North American market with the main language is English.

Although there is no mention of the pre-registration or the pre-registration bonus, it has not even revealed the launch time, but with the opening of the homepage official message. You do not have to wait so long for the Balde Xlord Debut their English version. You can find out more information on their Homepage

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