When the entire European population had to sit indoors because of COVID-19, how would football fans satisfy their football addiction? FIFA 20 will be the savior in the quarantine time

The COVID-19 epidemic is making the world miserable, Europe, of course, is no exception and all the top football league in the world also suffer the same unfortunate fate. For a normal person, it would be hard for them to imagine how the world of soccer fans would have been so miserable because their weekend entertainment had suspended indefinitely because of COVID-19. These days, when instant noodles became a national food and people had to stand at least 2 meters apart Football becomes a luxury entertainment so FIFA 20 is a savior for the football fans in quarantine time.

FIFA 20 became the savior of football fans in the quarantine time

It is not only ordinary people who fall into such misery. Football Players, coaches, clubs and footballers are also not happy when what they do best for a long time suddenly stopped. The player is locked up in the house, Some rushes to practice in the private gym like Ronaldo, Messi or Pogba. The more unlucky person affect by Coronavirus are disorientation.

The football fans are still staying in the house and playing FIFA or PES, then the famous Spanish commentator eSports, Ibai Llanos came up with a bold initiative. Llanos launched the FIFA 20 tournament for 20 players representing clubs in La Liga this season. With a humorous, profound commentary and knowledgeable about soccer, FIFA 20 matches with Llanos comment on the most popular streaming game platform in the world Twitch is always very popular. So when Llanos came up with the idea of ​​making the online La Liga tournament through FIFA 20, it received a lot of support from the players.

FIFA 20 became the savior of football fans in the quarantine time

Players who were playing for famous clubs that had a close relationship with Llanos knew about the news so they quickly jumped into the team they were playing. In which Sergi Roberto quickly choose to represent Barcelona. And goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who started quite struggling but gradually stabilized his position in the wooden frame of Real Marid, quickly registered to represent Real. Courtois told his team-mates that they were only good at using their feet but he used to use his hands to play, so he is the best in playing computer games.

FIFA 20 became the savior of football fans in the quarantine time

Besides Roberto and Asensio, the list of 20 players who have participated in La Liga version of FIFA 20 has many other familiar faces. Former M.U star, Adnan Januzaj will represent Sociedad. Representing Atletico is the assassin that most Liverpool fans still have not haunted. It was super-substitute Marcos Llorente, who shined and scored a brace in extra time to help Atletico eliminate Liverpool from the Champions League this season. The rules of La Liga FIFA 20 tournament are selected in the form of knockout. Meaning that the players representing the teams ranked from 13 to 20 on the La Liga standings this season will play play-off to choose 4 faces to go on. This number will play 1/8 round with representatives of the clubs ranked from 1st to 12th in the La Liga rankings. Just like that, the winners of each match will advance to the round.

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