Gears 5 is free on both the Windows Store and Steam and it will lasts until April 12.

Gears 5 free on Steam

Gears 5 is free on both the Windows Store and Steam, meaning you can probably complete the campaign and dabble in multiplayer without spending a cent. The offer runs until April 12, so you’ve got until the end of Sunday to get involved.

The offer is part of Microsoft’s Xbox Free Play Days, which is usually an initiative restricted to Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate members. While that appears to be the case if you’re playing on an Xbox One, the rule doesn’t apply if you grab the game on Steam. So, go on then, grab away.

Gears 5 follows protagonist Kait Diaz, an Outsider of Locust descent who discovers the origin of her species and her family’s place within their history.

The title will only be available to play until April 12, as the offer is part of Microsoft’s Xbox Free Play Days initiative. Although the offer is usually exclusive to Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold subscribers, this is not needed for Windows 10 players and the offer stands freely on Steam.

It’s a good time to get acquainted with the game’s multiplayer component. The new Operation 3 Gridiron update rolled out earlier this month, introducing a gridiron inspired mode that vaguely takes the form of capture the flag.

Don’t forget that Gears 5 also has a load of multiplayer modes to get stuck into, and there’s co-op, too, for those wanting some possibly much-needed (albeit virtual) social interaction over the weekend.

As PC Gamer spotted, this time-limited freebie is part of Microsoft’s Xbox Free Play Days scheme, which is normally restricted to those subscribing to the Game Pass Ultimate (or Xbox Live Gold). While that is still the case on Microsoft’s console, on the PC side, anyone can enjoy the game from Steam.

We were seriously impressed with Gears 5 in our review, and in fact we felt it was the best instalment of the shooter franchise ever made, arguably cementing Gears of War’s place as the greatest shooter on the market, no less.

So now’s your chance to form your own opinion, if you haven’t yet, and check out those many excellent multiplayer options to boot.

Also, if you play the game between now and April 20 you’ll get a Batista Bomb execution and in-game skin. It’s based on Dave Bautista, an actor and professional wrestler

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