The Genshin Impact PC, iOS, and Android closed beta test will begin on March 19, developer miHoYo announced.

miHoYo also released a preview video showcasing the scenery of Liyue Harbor that players will be able to explore during the closed beta test. Here is an overview of the trailer, via miHoYo:

In the latest gameplay trailer, character Amber leads audiences on a new adventure from Mondstadt—the city of wind (Anemo)—to Liyue Harbor, the city of rock (Geo) which is described as a new, eastern, fantasy locale. During the journey, players can take on quests to slay increasingly more challenging and merciless monsters by utilizing a team of up to four characters, who each use different elemental play styles to bring justice and peace to this wonderland. Bountiful landscapes and natural vistas can be discovered, including lush bamboo forests and misty waterfalls, which all encourage players to slow down and enjoy the scenery. When players eventually come to Liyue Harbor, numerous appealing kiosks from a faraway time tempt players moving through the bustling harbor.

And here is an overview of the game:

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG title that takes place in a massive fantasy land of Teyvat, which offers a lively, freely-explorable world, multiple characters, an in-depth elemental skill & talent system and an engaging story. Players will take on the role of a mysterious figure referred to as “The Traveler” that completes various quests to find their long-lost sibling to piece together their own mystery while unraveling Teyvat’s many plots and secrets.

Genshin Impact is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, iOS, and Android in 2020.

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