For parents who worry about the apps their kids use worry no more because Google Play Kids Tab will be available this week and it contains the apps most teachers recommended

Google Play Kids Tab

Google Play Kids Tab is filled with enriching and entertaining options and will launch by Google over the few days. In this page all apps are highlighted as “Teacher-approved apps” meaning they’re apps which teachers would let their own kids use. Basically, Google wants parents to feel good about the apps they choose to use with their kids.

According to Google parents have been expressing the fact that finding “good” apps for their kids has been a bit of a challenge. So it set out to make things a bit easier.

Google Play Kids Tab

These are curated picks that are meant to be useful to your kids’ learning experiences as well as fun to use. For both of you. That being said Google also notes that these are early days of the new tab section. So some people’s favorite kids apps may not be in there yet.

Google is working to get them in there though. So it won’t be long before you start to see the new tab fill out.

The applications that are picked for this tab are rated on a very specific set of factors. This includes things like app quality and the type of learning that it provides.

But there are actually a larger set of factors that Google uses to judge whether the app is fit for the kids tab.

Whether an app is age appropriate, what the quality of the app experience is, how enriching it is for your child, and whether using it is a delightful experience are all things that are taken into account.

There are a handful of other factors too. Such as creativity and imagination, and whether or not it was thoughtfully designed for children.

Google worked closely with teachers to get this tab finished and implemented. It might not show up for you right away but it’s starting to roll out. So keep an eye out for it if you have kids and have desperately been searching for apps like these.

Google says it’ll be arriving in the Play Store for users over the next few days. So it might be the weekend before you actually see it.

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