GTA 6’s important information revealed

Recently, GTA 6’s important information was revealed by a voice actor, who is said to collaborate with Rockstar to develop this game.

Recently, a Twitter user, GTA VI News & Leaks, who focused on the latest GTA 6 news, tweeted that a Mexican actor, Jorge Consejo, posted a collaboration with Rockstar in his profile. This information also confirms that GTA 6 has been developed since 2018 and is likely to launch in 2020.

GTA 6 Map: All the information

Jorge Consejo often appears in Spanish plays and other film and television productions which is, obviously, totally consistent with the previously leaked GTA 6’s remarkable information about the context and characters in the game.

Rockstar recently added a racing mode called Open Wheel Racing in GTA Online. A few gamers have discovered the geographic features of this racetrack area are in sync with some real-world landmarks like Michigan, Florida, and Mexico. Therefore, some players speculate that the location of the story occurring in GTA 6 may be related to these three locations.

GTA 6's important information revealed
Consejo said he cannot reveal anything due to the contract

Interestingly, GTA 6’s plot can bring players back to the city in Vice City (based on Miami, Florida), and will also fight in Mexico and Chicago. It has been previously reported that Rockstar’s investment in GTA 6 development will be much larger than its predecessor ($ 137 million). Thus, it is coincidental that a Mexican voice actor is invited to collaborate with Rockstar. Most likely, GTA 6 will actually bring players to this country or the main character will come from Mexico.

After the news was released, many fans tried to query Jorge Consejo on Twitter. However, the actor answered that he could not comment on the project due to security reasons in the contract. This confirms that this information is solid and reliable. If so, then the date GTA 6 gamers are very close.

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