Teamfight tactics 10.8 will have some big changes that strongly affect the metagame

The emergence of new galaxies

In the upcoming 10.8 version, there are 2 Galaxies named Trade Sector (Exchange Station) and Superdense Galaxy will dock to Teamfight tactics. With Trade Sector, every round you will have a free hero roll while in Superdense Galaxy when reaching level 5 you will automatically receive an extra Force of Nature.

How Does Teamfight tactics works in 10.8 version?
2 New Galaxies promises to speed up the battle of the Teamfight Tactics

Both of these galaxies promise to change the game’s gameplay quite much and will likely push the game speed higher because players have more opportunities to own high-level units or the number of units in The game squad became bigger than before.

Nerf heavy on Shaco

Shaco has created a meta for himself with a huge amount of damage to say. Many games of victory and defeat are determined by whether your 3-star Shaco is the right equip or not, can deal damage or not. It is the annoyance of this clown that makes items that reduce healing or strong control much preferred.

How Does Teamfight tactics works in 10.8 version?
Shaco finally got nerfed

Not only direct nerf, but Mech Pilots, also reduced strength in the direction of higher levels as weak as making the Pilot – infiltrator squad become much weaker. Basically, this roster will switch back to playing at level 7, that is, try to roll 3 stars champ as much as possible and end the game early, if the opponent can survive until the end of the game, the team-comp has being nerfed so badly won’t get a chance.

Changes in damage to summoned beasts

Teamfight tactics 10.8 will most likely appear more powerful squad at level 6/7 with a series 3 stars champs. The reason for this is that the damage to the summoned beast is pretty much changed in the direction that more units exist on the field, which will cause greater damage. Moreover, the damage of the players themselves later decreases also makes gamers want to “fight fast” to select hyper-roll as a way to win.

How Does Teamfight tactics works in 10.8 version?
In the damage of champions to summoned beasts, you can see that Riot has almost doubled the first 5 stages of the game

With versions 10.6 and 10.7, teams that focus on the late game with powerful 5-money units… are extremely popular. With the change in the tendency to speed up the game of Riot, hopefully, we will no longer see that gamer keep their money and wait for late game.

Xerath appeared

Lastly and most importantly is the appearance of Xerath. this Dark star – Sorcerers with 5 gold price promises to be the unit that can finish the match and is the winning condition of the Sorcerers squad. Currently, the Sorcerers is too dependent on the Mech Pilot, but as mentioned above, the later on the game the more Super robot weaker. This magical damage squad will have to have something to become powerful. Hopefully, Xerath would be the amount of damage the sorcerers need.

How Does Teamfight tactics works in 10.8 version?
Xerath is likely to be the “savior” of the Sorcerers squad
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