Marvel Studios continues to make fans lose in a maze as rumors say that following an appearance in Black Widow, fans will have a chance to meet Iron Man will be revived in the new Spider-Man movie.

After the great sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, the hopes of Iron Man’s “resurrection” is almost still lingering in the hearts of fans, especially after Marvel has confirmed his death is a perfect ending for MCU’s phase 3. Notwithstanding, recently, rumors are flying around Iron Man’s return which will almost once again set hopes on fire for those who have loved this legendary hero.

Spider-Man' and Iron Man

Earlier, sources reported that Robert Downey Jr. sat down at the negotiating table with Marvel Studios but the problems with the remuneration made it lengthened and delayed. Only when the movie Dolittle – the first work of the actor after stepping out of the MCU failed so badly at the box office, so did the negotiations show signs of progress.

Shortly after, the media began to spread more news about his upcoming roles, or the films that he will appear.

Iron Man will have a cameo in Black Widow solo movie
Iron Man will have a cameo in Black Widow solo movie

Specifically, in addition to appearing in the series about Ironheart – the young black Iron Woman, the actor will probably have a small cameo in the third part of Spider-Man. It was the artificial intelligence (AI) that Tony Stark had created to help the young Spider-Man and, as expected, this short-lived appearance meant to convey a message,

Of course, things can always change at any time, but right now that’s Iron Man’s role based on the latest script manuscripts.

Now, fans have more good news to be sure that billionaire Tony Stark will soon return to the Marvel universe. First is through the film of Black Widow and then Spider-Man. However, whether there’s a real revival or not, that’s something Marvel Studios and the actor will have to make a decision soon.

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