Isang Ina, emosyonal na inalala kung ραρααnσ bigℓαng binaωian ng buhay ang ρinakamamahal na anak habang natυтυℓσg sila!


Losing a child is perhaps the most heartbreaking thing that a parent has to go through, more so if it happens in a snap, and you were right there when it happened.

Six months before supposed to be baby Alonzo’s second birthday, his mother Angelica de Leon-Panganiban kissed his forehead

As she laid him to rest.

For mom Angelica de Leon-Panganiban, January 14, 2021, started like any other day. She woke up at around six a.m. and her 18-month-old son, Alonzo, soon followed. “I gave him a bottle of his milk and let him watch Blippi,” the mom writes in a public Facebook post.

There was nothing unusual and no hint at what would soon happen. Angelica breastfed her son around 11 a.m. and he fell asleep. Since the boy was sleeping soundly, the mom went out to the kitchen for a bit to cook their lunch and do some chores.

“I checked on him and that’s the time that I saw his lips [are] already purple-ish. I tapped his cheeks and shouting for him to wake up, but when I held his hand, it’s already cold. I did a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but I can no longer hear his heartbeat,” she shares.

Baby Alonzo was rushed to the nearest hospital, Panganiban said. Doctors had tried to revive him but he was declared d3ad by 2 p.m.

Panganiban said her second child d1ed of aspiration and sudden infant d3ath syndrome (SIDS), according to doctors. Her first child, daughter Lauraine Amarah, was born prematurely in 2017 and d1ed when she was 14 days old, according to Panganiban.

She hopes her pain can help others cherish every moment they have with their child.

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Angeline Quinto, inamin sa marami na hindi na uso ang paramihan ng pera ngayon kundi ang maging masaya at magkaroon ng pamilya sa gitna ng ραndєmya!

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Through the years, Angeline has reached a lot of goals in her life. Through her singing career journey, she has now a lot of investments.

Looking on what she have become, Angeline is safe fo say a financially stable person. But it looks like that someone like the actress have realized a lot in life.

“Ngayon hindi na uso paramihan ng pera o paramihan ng mamahaling gamit,” the ASAP Natin ‘To singer said.

For her, at this point of our life, we have a lot of things to consider first before material things.

“Ang uso ngayon na ngayon ay pasayahan ng buhat at pamilya. Kasi hindi mo alam kung bukas pa buhay ka pa,”

This statement of Angeline really draws a lot of attention from her fans. However, this still elicited different reactions and comments.

Most of them praise her for thinking that Angeline is not just considering materialistic things in life.

While some of them said that we all have our own stages in life. We also have our own perspective and status in life.

Maybe she have come to this point after losing her Mama Bob last year. She was the adoptive mother of the Kapamilya actress.

Before the 2020 ended last year, Ange have come to the weakest point of her life after her Mama Bob passed away.

So this might explain why she came to this point of realizing on what she wants to feel in her life.

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