Gorgeous and surreal bullet-hell adventure ITTA on Steam will release this week. Defeat 18 bosses in a beautiful, mysterious world. Launch date trailers and a whole wealth of promotion have gone into the announcement, and players are getting their first real look at the twisted world within the game. This bullet-hell inspired game has a beautiful world to navigate through, and fans are invigorated at the official release date announcement

ITTA on Steam

ITTA on Steam will release on April 22 and this game is an isometric bullet-hell shooter with an art style quite at odds with your usual bullet-hell game. It’s set in a beautiful, pastel-hued world, which is home to 18 giant foes. The main character, Itta, moves through this world at the behest of her cat — the last living member of her family. This beloved feline gifts Itta a gun: those 18 foes better watch their backs.

It only gets more unusual from there, and according to Andy’s write-up earlier this year, Itta promises to be a strange, surreal, possibly discomforting experience. It seems to borrow as much from Shadow of the Colossus as it does, say, The Binding of Isaac.

It looks like it’ll present a stiff challenge, but ITTA also wants to be experienced from beginning to end. To eliminate frustration you can choose to turn on invincibility or damage multipliers, and there’s more than just your cat-gifted gun to use against the game’s 18 bosses.

The game follows the journey of a girl named Itta as she tries to find her way home. You are armed with your father’s revolver, and now you must explore a strange and threatening world. Thankfully you are not alone; a guide has appeared to help you through your journey in the ghostly form of your cat.

To find your way home, you must seek out eldritch beings that are scattered throughout a serene overworld. To get past each, you must battle them, and each will be more difficult than the last.

Players are invited to fight for survival in a world where despair lives alongside hope, beauty, and compassion. The developer, Jacob Williams, started the development of the game while he was staying in a psychiatric facility. The entire concept behind ITTA has been based on his past lived experiences.

Battle through a unique bullet-hell experience that will draw out more emotion than other titles of its genre. Three years of development have gone into the game, and the amount of love and passion built-in is evident from even the trailers alone.

More information can be found on the game’s official Steam page. Glass Revolver is a solo development company created by Jacob Williams. Armor Game Studios, the publisher, is hoping to foster his indie talent and open the world to a whole new experience in engaging titles.

ITTA is expected to launch for both PC and Nintendo Switch on April 22, 2020. The game will require a special level of skill to get all the way through, and as a bullet-hell boss rush style experience, fans should expect punishing gameplay with great rewards. Fans who are interested in this title can wishlist it now on Steam, or bookmark it for later purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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