So the answer is clear now cause Junji Ito isn’t working on any games at the moment.

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While the San Diego Comic-Con 2020 isn’t physically happening, plenty of SDCC@home events going on. Among them was a Viz Media-hosted Junji Ito panel, during which a question about his potential involvement in game development came up. While he isn’t working on anything now, he once again brought up his conversations with Hideo Kojima about a possible project.

The fan question raised during the “A Haunting Conversation with Junji Ito” segment was, “Are you involved in some video game development at the moment?” Here’s Ito’s reply:

So, the simple answer is, “No.” However, I do know director [Hideo] Kojima and we have been in a conversation that he might have a horror-based game that he might be doing. So he has invited me to work on that, but there are no details on it yet.

As a reminder, this isn’t the first time that potential Ito involvement with a game has come up. Back in 2015, Guillermo del Toro announced on Twitter that Ito would be a collaborator with Kojima and him on Silent Hills. He shared multiple images of Ito’s work.

It also had a cameo in Kojima’s Death Stranding. He’s the Central Region’s Engineer.

Here is the full Ito SDCC 2020 panel. The question regarding Ito’s video game involvement came up at the 34-minute mark. Previous questions went over his past stories and influences.

One of Ito’s most recent works is Frankenstein: Junji Ito Story Collection.

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