Kiray Celis, hinangaan ng mga netizens matapos maghandσg ng surρresang regalσ para sa kanyang ρamilya sa gaganapin na Valentines Day!


Kiray Celis shared a photo of her parents with big smiles on their lips.

Valentine’s Day isn`t just for lovers. Originally held to honor St Valentine and express love to sweethearts, Feb 14 has also come to be a celebration time for families in general.

While Valentine’s Day is nice for reminding us to do something extra special for our loved ones, I think it is better to let it inspire us to show our love in little ways, every day.

The modern celebrations of the day see people complementing their family members with gifts that include popular items as cards, fresh flowers like rose, chocolates, and candies.

But what Kiray Celis gave to her parents is a unique one.

For her gift for her parents in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Kiray gave a money bouquet to them.

Her parents’ faces are full of joy because their daughter values ​​them despite her success in her showbiz career and love life.

Kiray said that even though she is not a perfect child, she will do everything to make her parents’ lives comfortable.

Kiray said in her Instagram post alongside her parents’ picture:

“Happy happy Valentines day, Mama and papa. Hindi man ako perpektong anak, pero ibibigay ko lahat ng kaya ko, guminhawa lang ang buhay niyo. Salamat sa walang sawang suporta, pagmamahal at pagiintindi sakin. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Next time, tig 1k nayan lahat. Pagpasensyahan niyo na? Yan lang nakayanan ko.”

Many are even more impressed with the actress because of her tenderness to her parents despite having a successful showbiz career.

Certainly, it is a nice day to take the time to express your affection for that special someone.

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