Back in 2019 majority of community decided Volibear to be reworked together with FiddleSticks. And today we can now watch Volibear Rework Details including Skills, Appearance and Skins

Volibear Rework Details

Volibear Rework Details really suprised majority of LoL (League of Legends) fans from its new appearance to its skin and skill details, I must say Riot really did a great job on reworking this Thunder Bear Champion in the League

Riot hosted an unveiling of League Of Legends on May 8th, where they dropped a lot of information. A video displayed all the new elements on this update.

There were several features tuned to perfection. Riot’s tweet did mention, “Volibear strikes the Howling Abyss! Lock in for an ARAM now for a chance to earn an exclusive emote!” They stayed tight-lipped about the changes. However, seeing the video, we can have some insight into the reworks.

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The passive ability will give Volibear more attack speed with greater damage to enemies in close proximity. Q – for increased rate and accountable first strike. E – the lightning bolt summons to pacify and damage the enemy, while Volibear can get a shield if he is in the blast radius. W – Spell charm on for extra damage plus restoration of health. R – the main one, where his leap comes into effect. This damages and slows his enemies while giving Volibear a boost. This will also nullify any tower Volibear lands on.


No specific details regarding the release of Volibear’s rework have been revealed, but with Riot Games’ recent live stream and general transparency regarding the rework, as well as the success of the previous rework of Fiddlesticks, expect more details around the Thunder’s Roar’s triumphant return to relevance to be made public by the developer in the near future.

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