Leaks of the code from iOS 14 from Apple could make fitness, wallpaper, and lost item-finding startups aware. It is expected that Apple will reveal several new features and devices in June. Startups may feel at rick considering Apple’s ability to integrate these features at the iOS level and offer them free or cheap.

So far we haven’t sure that these new finds will be brought into the light in June or still in the lab. Here’s a breakdown of what the iOS 14 code obtained by 9To5Mac’s Chance Miller shows and which startups could be impacted by Apple barging into their businesses:


Icons for Apple’s fitness feature from the iOS 14 code

It appears that Apple is making a workout guide app for iOS, WatchOs and Apple Tv which lets users download instructional video clips. According to MacRumors’ Juli Clover, it also promises help with stretching, core training, strength training, running, cycling, and more so is potentially named Fit or Fitness. Allegedly, the Apple Watch will help track the progress through the workout routines.

We already know that the iOS Health app is known to track steps and other fitness goals. By using Health to personalize or promote a new Fitness feature, Apple has an easy path to a huge user base. It is a common sense that people are afraid of home weight and strength training due to avoiding injury or embarrassment. Hence, detail visual guides shot from multiple angles could ensure users doing proper forms.

There’s no code indicating a payment mechanism, so Apple Fitness could be free. But it’s also easy to imagine Apple layering on a premium feature like remote personal training assistance from human experts or a wider array of exercises for a fee, tying into its increasing focus on services revenue.


The iPhone’s current wallpaper selector

It seems that Apple will offer new categorizations for wallpapers on iOS 14 beyond the existing Dynamic (slowly shifting), Still and Live (move when touched) options. Apple, by and large, is only produced a few native wallpapers and the option to pull one from the camera roll. But the iOS 14 code suggests Apple may open this up to third-party providers.


Apple's rumored AirTags form

Based upon iOS 14 code, it is supposed that Apple is going to launch its long-waited AirTags which could be attached to your wallet, gadgets, keys or other important or easily lost items, then located using the iOS Find My app. As claimed by MacRumors, it may be powered by removable coin-shaped batteries.

It is easy to see that AirTags is super easy to set up. They also could benefit from the ubiquity of Apple devices, as the company could let the crowd help find your stuff by allowing AirTags to piggyback on the connectivity of any of its phones, tablets or laptops to send you the missing item’s coordinates.

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