Mag-ingat sa pagsubsob ng muka ng kaibigan sa Cake dahil mayroon itong stick


Birthday parties are mostly celebrated with cakes, especially if the celebrants are kids. However, a Facebook Page “Ong Lip Qin Physiotherapist- Precise Rehab” shared a photo of half-eaten cake with two pointed wooden sticks, indicating that it’s detrimental for kids face to be pushed towards cakes.

The Ong Lip Qin Physiotherapist- Precise Rehab Facebook page trended with almost 35K reactions and 144K shares, its author posted the photo with a caption, saying, “This picture is dedicated to all those who like to push the bday boy/girl’s face onto the cake.”

In the photo, the half-eaten cake was dowelled with two sharp wooden sticks, supporting the structure of the cake. “Sometimes they build the cake too high therefor it need the wooden sticks to hold as support,” the page wrote.

“Wooden dowels are common tho??? People didn’t know that? I’m not even accustomed to pastry but I knew that.”

“When buying a cake always buy a safe push face cake. Lol. Usually the cake lady will make you one. Safety first.”