Android: (Any version or skin!)

Go to Settings > About Phone. Find “Build Number” (It might be in a sub-menu here depending on your device). Now, keep tapping “Build Number” repeatedly until a message pops up telling you that “You are now a developer!”. Congratulations! If only it were that easy lol. You just activated a secret settings option 😉 Now to find it:

IMG 3825

Go back to the Settings home page > System > Advanced > Developer Options (Sometimes also just above above “About Phone”).

IMG 3826

Turn it on, and scroll down until you find: Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale & Animator Duration Scale. Here, you can speed up or slow down animations! These options change different effects respectively. I personally have them at 0.5x.

IMG 3827

iOS 13 / iPadOS: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion. Switch “Reduce Motion” on! Viola! Enjoy a faster iPhone.

iOS 12 and below: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. You’ll find “Reduce Motion” here!

IMG 3816
IMG 3817
IMG 3818

The 1 minute it takes is totally worth it! Enjoy your phone that’s now faster then light 🙂

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