Mario Kart Tour Finally Gets Real Time Multiplayer

Mario Kart Tour’s finally gets the anticipated real-time multiplayer mode ,allowing you to race against up to seven friends and strangers from around the world.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour’s finally gets the anticipated real-time multiplayer mode in Mario Kart Tour 2.0 update they also adds a camera feature, so that you can view the racing from a variety of different angles.

Nintendo announced on Monday that Mario Kart Tour, the mobile iteration of the Mario Kart series, will finally be getting multiplayer this weekend, nearly six months after its late September launch.

You’ll be able to play with up to seven players locally or online starting Sunday, March 8th at 11PM ET.

Mario Kart Tour is a simplified version of Mario Kart built to be played on your phone. The whole game is controlled via touch, and you don’t even have to press an accelerator to move forward — you just need to swipe to the left or the right to turn and tap to use items.

The game is free to play, but it also has a premium currency you can spend to try and earn random characters or vehicles to play with. There’s also a $4.99 per month subscription that unlocks some in-game items and the faster 200cc mode.

That subscription also got you access to the game’s first beta test for multiplayer, which happened in December. Nintendo also hosted a second beta test that was open to all players in late January.

Mario Kart Tour has been a big success for Nintendo, and was the most-downloaded game on the iPhone in 2019, beating out other popular free-to-play mobile games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite.

To celebrate the launch of multiplayer, the absence of which has long blighted the Mario Kart Tour experience and dampened enthusiasm for the game among Mario Kart aficionados, Nintendo has decided to run a retweet campaign.

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