Some new details about Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales Timeline and Setting have been announced by the developers of the game’s release to set the stage for where and when this game takes place
New Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales Timeline and Setting

Brian Horton, the creative director on the standalone Spider-Man game, release those details in a PlayStation Blog post answering numerous questions people might have had since the game was initially revealed during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event. Other bits of information like how the game will leverage the power of the next-gen console was also covered in the same breakdown of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The game takes place around one year after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man in part 1 where you play as Peter Parker, Horton said. As players may have figured out from the first trailer that showed only a little of the game, it takes place in the wintertime. The game also still takes place in New York, so you’ll see some familiar sights seeing view.

New Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales Timeline and Setting

We learned this and some more details about the plot when Horton set the foundation for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

“Let’s set the scene for the game a little more,” Horton said. “It’s now wintertime, about a year after the events of the first game. Marvel’s New York is covered in snow, and just before Christmas break, a war between an energy corporation and a high-tech criminal army has broken out. Miles’s new home in Harlem is at the heart of the battle.”

While the same setting with the original means players will be seeing many characters and locations they already familiarized with from the first game, you’ll be experiencing them a bit differently this time. The PlayStation 5 is a factor in that, Horton said and contributes to the improved character designs and upgraded assets screen around the city.

New Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales Timeline and Setting

“We’ve upgraded our characters with 4D scans and improved skin shading for more realistic looking characters and spline-based hair that moves far more naturally,” Horton continued. “Many of the city’s assets have also been updated to take advantage of the new console. As you experience Miles’s story, you’ll see, hear, and feel things in a whole new way, all thanks to PS5.”

After some confusion about the game’s initial reveal, we found out last week it would for sure be a standalone game, not an expansion attached to the original as was first indicated. It’ll be released for the PlayStation 5 sometime during Holiday 2020.

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